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  1. Suppose I live in France and trade as money manager for a person from the UK, where do I need to be licensed ?
  2. You need to be licensed and regulated in both the UK (FSA) and France. Maybe in New York as well if you're trading NYSE (FINRA) listed stocks.
  3. canuck


    don't forget about the 'great' taxes in France... why not move to a low tax jurisdiction? set-up in Gibraltar etc...
  4. as a trader you can live anywhere you want. Not sure why you are staying in france.
  5. not living in France , just wanted to know about licensing requirements.
  6. Based on what you say this ? Have been in the money management business ?

    Even when you trade in an unregulated market like forex ?
  7. A lawyer on this board ?
  8. or a smart ass ?
  9. licensed in France
  10. Why only in France ?
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