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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Zarrar, Jan 12, 2002.

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    Is there a way to borrow money to trade. I've been trading for a year and a half, but since 9-11 my portfolio has been reduced. Are there lending houses for trading out there. Thanks.
  2. Yeah why don't you go to your local savings bank and tell them you want to borrow some money to daytrade.
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    However, if you missed it, qwik had the top 5 methods for raising capital. Here's the repost from

    11-18-01 07:57 PM

    Top 5 ways to raise that much cash..

    1.- Rob a bank.. yes, its an oldie but a goodie.. all you need is a ski mask, a gun and some chumps to help you haul away the money.. the downside is the possibility of becoming "Lifetime Harry's" new girlfriend over on cell block eight..

    2.- Charm a rich widower.. hey, old people need some lovin too.. of course this one could take some time to mature, or for her to expire i should say..

    3.- Take out a large insurance policy on your spouse.. accidents happen you know.. besides, do you really think she will stand idly by while you snooker up to the widow in #2?

    4.- Sue McDonalds.. slip on the floor and pretend to hurt your neck.. or pretend a hot pickle jumped off your hamburger and burned your tongue.. ya know, thats actually happened before..

    5.- kidnap someone famous.. like chelsea clinton or Donald Trumps daughter, wife, whatever she is.. then you just hold them until you get your ransom.. of course in the case of Chelsea, i doubt the Clintons would want her back, they wouldnt want to lose the publics sympathy from having such an ongoing tragedy.. (and they would likely blame their daughter being kidnaped on the Bush tax cut).. and as for the slinky chick on DT's arm.. well, i dont think you could get him to pay much more than the going rate.. but heck, its a start..



    But seriously, your best option for capital IMO is to go pro.