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    I was looking over my positions this morning, and see than I'm down a few hundred on a YM position. Then I get the news that my dad crashed his truck driving home at 2 am in the morning. He hit ice and slid off the road, almost flipped and crashed. He refused to go to the hospital when the paramedics came and drove his truck home even though the airbags had deployed.

    I was angry about my losses before then but I realized how much more upset I would be if something happened to my father. I couldn't care less about a few hundred bucks on the YM or my entire account or savings for that matter. In any civilized country like america if you lose all your money you won't starve. You will be poor but you'll still have your friends and family.

    Money should be something we are eager to get just for it's utility, but we should recognize how meaningless it really is if we lose it. If you lose money trading, I don't think you should spend one second being unhappy or cursing. When you think about how much more valuable the well being of a friend or family member is compared to your net liquidation value, you will realize this. It wouldn't matter if I was a billionaire, simple things like the health of my dad would be more valuable to me than all my money.

    thanks for reading ;)
  2. Looks like someone just Self-Actualized through posting on ET.. *clap clap clap* :)
  3. I almost got stabbed by a mugger a week ago who pulled a knife on me, Guess what, money is still more important then my health.

    if I lived I still need my money,
    If I didn't live, I don't need my money.

    Either way , your father still needs money , you may want his love or his companionship, but that has nothing to do with your own bank account.
  4. Damn Straight!!

    Glad your pops is okay.

    If you don't have your health, money isn't shit.

    I personally know a guy that was worth maybe 120 million at one time. He owns a company that makes plastic injected mold parts for the auto industry.

    I have no idea what he's worth now, nor do I (or does he) care, for that matter.

    He had too much vino two years ago at a local Italian restaurant, drove home when it was snowing, and flipped his SUV, rendering him paralyzed from the waist down.

    He could not care less about business or money anymore, and has literally been in a deep depression ever since....two years later, and he's still partly in denial.
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    What? The stupid F^ck brought a knife to a gun fight and you weren't ready for him?
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    If there was enough force to deploy the airbags, then there's a good chance your dad has at least a mild concussion, and probably whiplash too.

    If you care about him, you'll persuade him to see a doctor, preferably today.

    A couple of days of ice and anti-inflammatories wouldn't hurt either (assuming no contraindications).
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    On one hand that is true. OTOH, if you aren't healthy, you need money to pay for the doctor bills.
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    On the other hand, if his dad drove the truck that crashed home it couldn't have been that bad an accident.

    I totaled my car when someone took an illegal left hand turn in front of me while I was going straight around 45-50 mph. Airbag deployed. I walked away from the car without a scratch, only some pain from the seatbelt locking up. Airbags rock.

    Anyway sorry for the tangent - OP you are right, it is good to take a step back now and then to keep what is important in life in perspective.
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    I'm an MD with some experience in this area, and there are at least four good reasons to get a check-up:

    • Symptoms are often delayed
    • Early presentation reduces morbidity
    • The body's recuperative abilities decrease with age
    • Even innocuous low-speed accidents can cause injury.
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    Lol my dad is a MD. He works as an ER physician which is why he was driving home from work at 2 am. My dad never goes to the doctor, not for checkups or anything. His only apparent injury is some marks below the knee where his legs smashed into the dashboard.
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