"Money is a menace to happiness"

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  1. Better to be rich and mentally ill, than poor and mentally ill.

    John Dupont's fox catcher farm was up the street from me-- talk about a crazy old coot--- the guy would drive a tank around his farm and put razor wire inside his walls to keep enemies from burrowing into his home. ( google the guy for interesting story)
  2. "She also owns lavish mansions in California and Connecticut which have been vacant for more than 50 years."

    In 50 years those mansions could have made hundreds or even thousands of people happy had they been turned into haunted mansion attractions.
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    some people prefer seclusion...not everyone is the same.

  4. It is maybe slightly better for some. It could be the case that you mentally ill because lost the touch with normal people and pressures that keep you in balance.

    I think really rich people are disadvantaged as they simply cant walk on the street and do fun things :eek:
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    Family: U.S. Senator William A. Clark, centre, joins his daughter, Huguette, at the Easter Parade in New York. He left her billions of dollars when he died.

    Look at those top hats!
  6. watch capitalizm: a love story
  7. Why bother lobbying when you can be the one in the big senate chair yourself right?

    And those top hats are screaming "IMPORTANT BLOKE! WALKING THROUGH!"
  8. They were the precursor to platform shoes.
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    I've thought a lot about the relationship of money and happiness, and here is one of my theories as to why the rich are sometimes the most miserable. See the average person who is not happy can always console himself in the hope that someday he will get that large payday, or win the lottery, or find a rich spouse...in other words, there is always hope. 'I may not be happy now, but if I could just fine tune my trading, or hit that big jackpot then life will be great!'. Happiness is always within reach for these people. They can keep hoping and that is what gets them out of bed in the morning.

    Whereas the ultra rich, when they have all the money and all the material things they could desire....when they realize they are still not happy (because those are not the things that make most people truly happy) ...they ask 'what else is there?'. I'm still not happy and now I don't even have something to shoot for. I've reached the top and I'm still not happy....and that has got to be a hopeless, desperate feeling. Worse, having huge wealth actually pushes away the things that make most people truly happy. It hinders all your relationships because now everybody is trying to use you, or kiss your ass so they can be around you. They want a part of you. Even your family often times will treat you that way. . or they will be jealous. I really don't envy the wealthy.

    "now everything's a little upside down. As a matter of fact, the wheels have stopped. What's good is bad. What's bad is good. You'll find out when you reached to top...you're on the bottom" ---Bob Dylan
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