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  1. Friday after the mkt closes, they have a program on CNBC at 5:30 et brought to you by FXCM.

    they have a regular host of panelists

    some of them are technical

    some are fundamental

    the one thing they all have in common is

    they are all bracket traders

    never once do they ever post their returns
  2. Can't speak for them all but out of the regular guests and contributors:

    Kathy posts her returns on her site, but that's because she runs a managed fund. I'd say other supportive things about her but I'm quite biased (I'd entirely hit on her if I ever met her in person,) so I'll spare you.

    Todd G. used to delete his bad calls from his blog and track record back when he was the head analyst for Gain.... it was a few years ago, maybe 2007/9.. He traded a lot of wave theory back then, no idea if he still does it now. I still have the email trail of a few conversations I had with the guy before he became more well known. (I also long since grew out of talking to "analysts" or other traders about strategy, but back then I was new to fx and still learning.)
  3. its hollywood sensationalism..
  4. Here's a newsflash, these people do not run their own funds. How do I know? Because when the show 1st started, I was selected to be the first alternate (if someone bombed or dropped out) but part of the disclosure deal is that you either have to be in a similar trade to the one you recommend or not at all. That is if you are placing trades.

    On the flip side, if you are just an advisory service (Kathy), preferred blogger (Todd Gordon, Brian Kelly), or an analyst (Busch-- who quit bmo and now runs an advisory, and the 2 blondes Boudreau from westpac, and the other one from JPM who parlayed the gig into mgmt position at Bessemer trust) then you can pretty much say whatever you want.

    So most of these trades are throw aways.

    I withdrew because of conflicts that I didn't know about ahead of time. The show is entertainment and an avenue for the sponsors to get their message out. Take it with a grain of salt.
  5. There was a 16 year old chick on CNBC earlier today . She said "don't take trading tips from anyone".

    Meaning, don't long or short because someone else says it's a good idea.

    CNBC probably didn't want her to say that for the sake of all their "trading shows" were they make calls left and right.
  6. which one is Kathy? I'm guessing she is the blonde not ethnic. Made an interesting call trading the NOK instead of USD.

    Man, I traded that NOK one time, never again, for a brief moment, I was very rich.

    (I'm not going to get a demerit for starting a new thread, am I?)

    at any rate, the point of the thread was, they are all bracket traders.
  7. Kathy Lien, she's not a host, but is on MiM often.

    She did a few stints being the head analyst for various brokerages (FXCM and GFT come to mind,) and then moved to just CNBC appearances, selling books, and running a fund with another analyst she used to work with at FXCM.

    Not to be confused with Melissa Lee, who is a host on that show (MiM), and another girl I'd take over the "blonde" you referred to as well. :p
  8. You mean CNBC entirely, not just MiM.
  9. well, to be honest with you Jack, now that I am single and divorced, there is probably not a woman on television that I would not "do" if the opportunity presented itself, except maybe Ann Coulter.

    at any rate, they are all bracket traders

    it's hard enough picking the stop

    but if you think you can also pick the entry and the target

    you might as well go to the track and try to pick the trifecta
  10. Well not exactly. The formula is quite simple. Find a pair, put a stop just above or below the most recent swing high/low for short/ long trade. Take the amount of pips from current price to stop and multiple by 2-4x to get your target.

    Then backfill with potential news events affecting the pair. Rinse repeat.
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