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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Quest, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Quest


    is it possible to start becoming a day trader with 1k excluding soft ware and broker
    and could u by the soft ware under 3k and have every think u need to start and build the rest as u get further and become more stable and be able to upgrade to better or add.
    ty all for helping me on my quest
  2. no chance. why are you buying software?
  3. Ebo


  4. Moreagr


    At least 35K for equities
  5. volente_00


    No, there is not much chance of making it with $ 1000, unless you are trading futures with $500 margin and then you could only trade 1 contract and you would probably lose that 1000 in the first week.
  6. mhashe


    1k?! :confused:

    Better off getting a job, save money, work on a trading system and start of with at least 25K when you have a system thats realiably profitable.

    offcourse you won't do it, but thought I'd suggest it and save you $1K
  7. ozzy


    $1000 is not enough. But $1150 should do the trick.

  8. You can't daytrade stocks with less than $25k, and I don't know of any futures brokers that accept $1k accounts.

    Your only bet is forex, or you could just send me a check for the amount you were going to lose. I'll even send you some software.
  9. mogul


    if you are serious, then your only bet is to trade forex

    since most forex brokers allow very small position sizing, you can practice relative proper money management with your 1,000 and learn the ropes that way.

    Granted you won't make a living out of it, but learn small first and then scale.
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