Money Honey 2 leaving CNBC

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  1. I hope Mark is going to be ok. :p


    The Times reports that Mark Haines’ gal-pal is “ready” to jump to CNN.

    Erin Burnett is poised to sign a long-term contract with CNN, according to three people with knowledge of her plans. The signing will represent a shift to general news anchoring for Ms. Burnett, who has shown interest in branching out beyond business news, CNBC’s specialty. It is unclear what time slot she will occupy at CNN.

    Ms. Burnett, who was considered a rising star within CNBC and its parent, NBCUniversal Media, held talks with two broadcast networks, ABC and CBS, before deciding to join CNN, according to two of the people.

    For those of you not ready to accept the news, you could conceivably zero in on the fact that it doesn’t sound like Burnett has *actually* signed the contract yet, meaning perhaps she can be convinced (by begging on hands and knees, Mark) to stay. For those who’ve hearts have been broken by the betrayal and need to rebound in the arms of another woman or man, who would you like to see take over the Squawk on the Street slot? Don’t limit yourselves to just the CNBC talent pool.
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    If she signed the contract and this was set in stone, she would not be on the air today.
  3. Too bad. Se was pleasing to the eye while actually informative. Can't really say that about too many beautiful women.
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    Well, first, CNN is dying...this isn't a good move for her.

    Second, she seems to be a liberal, so she will fit in there. i.e. - taxing trades, she seem to have an orgasm about it every time it is brought up on CNBS.

    She is nice on the eyes, so since I don't watch cnn....adios Erin! I remember her from the Bloomberg days as well.
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    It's now official.

    29 Apr 2011 at 3:11 PM

    Erin Burnett To Anchor “Weekday General News Program” For CNN
    By Bess Levin

    She will also be taking on (soon to be) former colleague Steve Liesman in his own den as a “senior economics correspondent.”

    CNN said Friday that it has hired CNBC’s Erin Burnett to serve as an anchor and chief business and economics correspondent. Burnett will anchor a weekday general news program, as well as contribute to CNN’s coverage of national and international breaking news, out of the cable network’s New York headquarters. She starts in June.

    Erin is the kind of all-star player that knows how to connect-the-dots and translate events into relevant information for viewers,” CNN Worldwide President Jim Walton said in a statement…”I cannot wait to launch our new show: Tackling serious issues and telling great stories,” said Burnett. “The experience I gained at CNBC and NBC News will be invaluable as I expand my focus. I began my journalism career at CNN, so this is like coming home for me.”

  6. finally!

    btw she pushed the 10% trader tax often.... :mad:
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    Who fuckin cares? She sucks.
  8. Damn Burnett is probably the most tolerable money honey.
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    Personally I'll be sorry to see her go. I think she and Haines made a good team. I'm surprised to see her go to CNN which seems to me to be a sinking ship.
  10. I never thought she was anything special. She has a pretty face and she gave the news. Boom done deal.
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