Money From MF Global Feared Gone

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  2. Time for a GRAND JURY for Corzine, Abelow & Steinkampf.

    Maybe some ambitious REpublicans will pick up the issue. . .
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    It is not "vaporization" or disappearance IMO, it is just trading losses of illegal collateral( customer's money ). The question is if they can do something against people on the other side of the trade.
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    Another Brilliant move by Corzine. That GS background is really shining through.

    He would make a perfect running mate for Mitt!
  5. Well, he's Obama's #1 Wall St. fundraiser and at least 100X more corrupt than even Romney. He should be the new Treasury Secretary. He'll in perfectly with Eric Holder (who hasn't said a word about MF...too busy with Fast & Furious?) and the rest of the current crooks in the administration.
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    He was actually in the running to be Obama's Treasury Secretary.
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    And Corzine/MF is yet another example of the complete waste of human flesh that occupies the desks at the SEC.

    For another, tune into the Allen Stanford trial, where it has become clear that this slime ball was reported to the SEC five years ago. His response when questioned by the fools at the SEC? He put former SEC investigators on his payroll to lobby the agency and other regulators, letting him continue scamming thousands of average investors.
  8. This is a good response to a recent WSJ article.

    Two problems: (1) customers' funds were stolen and (2) bankruptcy process made no sense at all (except to protect the
    JP Morgans of the world).

    Really, really bad precedent is being set here. It's a travesty this isn't a huge national issue with implications for the next election.
  9. I was recently a Jury member, in Federal court over a young rancher charged with defrauding the US on a cattle loan. The rancher sold some of the cattle that were pledged to FSA. Anyway for about $40,000, this young rancher could get up to 5 years in Pen and up to a $250,000 fine, not to mention the $40,000 per year it will cost to house this young farmer in the Pen. The whole court case should have been tried as a Civil matter, instead of a criminal one and would have saved the Tax payer money in the long run, since FSA was also at fault.

    My point is this: The US Govt put this kid away for a small amount of about $40,000 instead of just making him pay the money back. MF Global steals 1.2 Billion and nobody has been arrested.

    This is what's wrong with America. There are 2 sets of laws. One for the rich and 1 for the poor.
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