Money flowing INTO Russia

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ksmetana, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Since the beginning of all this middle east BS, the RSX has gained about 10%.

    I make a case for the RSX here:

    If Saudi falls, is Russia the trade?

    I am not here to defend this, just starting a debate. If you think this is all wrong, then you need to explain why money is flowing into the RSX while money is flowing out of the SPY and EEM.
  2. сметана, ну ты ку-кууууууууууу..

    кто на это даст ответ,тот получит десять лет
  3. hiptogo


    hmm translate?
  4. ñìåòàíà means sour cream.

    edit - wtf? Cyrillic letters disappear when I paste them.

    I was trying to write that first word up there that looks like CMETAHA.
  5. Yes, сметана (smetana) means sour cream.

    And money could as easily flowing out Russia, since it all depends on oil prices and oil prices only.