money doesn't make me happy, (nor anything else)

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  1. i was once a dead broke trader struggling to make even minimum wage.....i was miserable then

    i'm now making 30-60k a month and i'm even more miserable now........because the knowledge i had to gain to make this kind of money is depressing knowledge.......i would be killed if i ever spoke the truth about what i know.......its true that ignorance is bliss

    so now i'm thinking maybe i should start smoking pot......maybe that'll make me happy

    or maybe i should start banging hookers as a hobby.....maybe that'll make me happy

    or maybe move to africa and become a pirate
  2. Oh god, not another one of these threads.

    Keep your secret knowledge to yourself.

    Nobody cares.
  3. Lucrum


    I hear Siberia is nice this time of year.
    A regular winter wonder land and that sort of thing. Not sure about the hookers, you may have to settle for a cozy caribou.
  4. This sounds like that old jasonn guy. I would actually be willing to put money on it that he is.
  5. apak


    I know EXACTLY how you feel
  6. NY_HOOD


    bang the hookers.
  7. bespoke


    don't bang hookers. it leaves you feeling empty inside afterward.

    instead you should bang hot dumb sluts
  8. Try crystal meth, all your problems will be gone.
  9. believe in and pray to the one and only mighty of this world, creator of everything we know and we do not know (including life and death, and their purpose), believe in the hereafter, the soul that no human or a non-god can create.

    Pray to Him, believe in him, in the hereafter, the day of judment, and GIVE from what he endowed you with (the money you are making from the knowledge he gave you) to the needy and make good on this world. You will become happy now, and will be rewarded in the after life as well.

    You will not need any broker between you and your creator. Direct linkage to your creator. Happiness will fill you.
  10. apak


    wow I respect you way less now :eek:
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