Money could return to the US now

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  1. I had a fun discussion with my good friend Mr. Rand. (My old mentor at schonfeld.) He was concerned that even if the Republican's were to win in huge numbers, that our Freedoms, our wealth and our future would still be in poor hands because the REPs/DEMS are one in the Same. BIG GOV.

    I agree with him, that Reps and Dems are BIG GOV. However, there is something about the new fresh blood coming in with the "Libertarian" idea.
    The American People will be watching and if things do not change, Congress will hear it.

    I have had a lot of conversations with Clients who's money was flowing over seas, this am. Most of their net worth has been moved off shore for investment purposes.

    However, I am hearing that Congress now has their attention and that many may be willing to pull back their money, into the US as early as summer.

    Non have spoke about the US STOCK MARKET. But many have spoke about other investment opportunities that may arise under this new 'Gridlock" and new Attitude. Their entire Pyshc has changed. However, OBAMA and his Socialist are scumbags and they are down but not out.

    The Freeloaders are still out their and they Champion OBAMA.

    Time will tell, but from my Client base and their reaction....HOPE has really been heard for the first time in 4 years, since Bush's last two years in office.

    Maybe will truly will see some change this time.
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    With weak dollar, we should expect foreign Investments coming in USA ?
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    It is the same every election, isn't it? This time it will be different. Yes we can. lol.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Why would anyone put money in the stock mkt ? it only makes new highs everyday.

    Stick to cold calling people from your apartment and leave the trading ideas to traders.