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  1. I'm a successful currency trader.

    I'm a private trader but would like to trade a BIG acct.

    If I were to produce 1000-trades in a row, ALL WINS on EUR/USD, would someone hire me to trade?

    The person(s) would need to commit to hiring me prior to me doing this thing.

    And, it would have to be a commitment to have me log in and trade an account remotely, after I produce the 1000 winning trades in a row.

    The acct I'd be hired to trade would have to be over $1,000,000, preferably over $10ml.

    Profits would be split 30% me / 70% acct holder.

    The 1000 demonstration trades would be done here on ET and posted openly the way they are on the sKaLpZ Journal.

    1000-trades in a row all wins - open/close - EUR/USD.

    Anyone interested?

    Post here or PM me.

  2. What happens if you make a losing trade?
  3. Then I get the concession prize: An all paid 3-month vacation in Hawaii staying on the beach at a 5-star hotel including dining and airfare paid for by the one who committed at first.

  4. No, just kidding.

    If I make a losing trade, the person(s) who agreed to hire me can scrap the committal.

    There's an extra bonus here. If someone recommends me and this offer to anyone in the world (who has big bucks, banks and Hedge Funds included) that person gets a cash reward (finder's fee) paid out of my own pocket - a % of my take of the profits for the first 3 months.

  5. What happens if, like skalpz, you get banned from ET before you complete the 1000 winners?

    Can the other person walk away from the deal in that case?
  6. I'll make sure I don't get banned. I'll bribe Baron (the ET janitor) offering him a cut of my take. ;-)

  7. I am a little vexed as to why someone capable of producing 1000 winners without a loser would need outside funds?

    Shouldn't you be exceedingly wealthy by now?
  8. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. JA_LDP


    haha. thank you captain obvious.
  10. Think of it this way...

    The top 25 Hedge Fund manager's average pay last year exceeded $360,000,000.

    Why do those guys want to trade a BIG acct? Bigger than their own?

    James Simons, made an estimated $1.5 billion paycheck.

    Why does he want to trade a BIG acct? Bigger than his own?

    Better watch it, guys, I may just UP the minimum acct size to $25ml. ;-)

    By the way, none of those guys can make 1000 winning trades in a row on EUR/USD.

    Think it over.

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