Money being stolen ... truth be told

Discussion in 'Economics' started by unretired, Mar 18, 2010.

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  2. achilles28


    Congress keeps itself elected by spending borrowed money on voters.

    The voters are braindead morons who think debt is free money and the Politicians are liars and cheats, who run game on the voters for money and power.

    It's pure corruption and will soon end. The coming debt implosion will see to that.
  3. Man I hope so.
  4. Congress, politicians, humans. Humans cheat whether rich or poor because of human greed.

    I laugh when I hear the lame argument we can't enact health care because people will scam the system like they do medicare right now. Right so Goldman Sachs the richest investment bank in the world is honest because they have more money than they need. :p

    The same reasons Communism failed, is the same reason a pure Capitalist system will never work, Human Greed. Rich or poor people cheat and lie and they always will. When someone tells me believe me I am Christian I know they are probably scamming me. Truly nothing against Christians as plenty of scammers come in forms of sheeps clothes. Madoff specialized in scamming fellow Jews.

    If nothing comes out of this other than people realize they are being ripped off drug companies it will be a miracle. Most Americans just regurgitate what they hear on tv. They can't think for themselves. They aren't taught to question authority.

    Question authority. Think for yourselves. Follow where the money goes it normally leads to the truth.

  5. Indeed.

    Obscure Bible reference:

    Eccl 10:19 Instead of repairing the breaches, the officials make a feast for
    laughter, serve wine to cheer life, and depend on tax money to answer for all of it. AMP

    Second half - "But to the subjection of money all things will be obedient."

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    For laughter they make bread, and wine that the living may feast:
    and all things obey money.

    Two levels of interpretation:

    Governmental level
    Instead of taking care of building up the country
    in the commonwealth the political leaders get rich to feed their own lusts
    and line their own pockets to satisfy
    themselves and use tax moneys to support their extravagance.

    Individual Level
    People tend to satisfy their lusts and desires but money defines their limits or bounds by accounting.

    I suspect Keynesian economics wasn't the econ model of the day when this was written.
  6. Lethn


    I don't know about you lot but the one thing I'm getting sick of is the power struggles this world is going through right now. No thanks I have variety in life I also want to have variety in government none of this boring left centre crap. These two party systems masquerading as a demoracy make me sick. The only way we can stop corruption is by getting rid of this kind of system and making sure a real democracy takes it's place. One that either allows the people to have more involvement in politics and creating laws or by making it so that is far easier for third parties to take part in elections.

    Politicians have gotten too secure and cozy because now they know no matter how blatantly corrupt they'll act the people have been brainwashed into thinking "Durrr, I probably won't vote for a third party because then my vote will be wasted so I'll vote for one of the main parties instead even though I hate them".
  7. Zips


    "If YOU don't tie our hands, we will keep stealing"

    Well, I guess they're going to keep stealing, because there's no way American's are organized enough to twist anything into a knot -- other than their own logic.
  8. olias


    There are actually some good reasons for having a two party system. Look up Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and the rationale for a two party system. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm not so sure a 3 party system, (or more) is the solution. I think there's a better solution, although a more complicated one.
  9. olias


    I hate politics by the way. Doesn't seem like anyone is interested in finding real solutions. They just want to be 'right', or perceived as being right anyway. Obama, however, for the most part does strike me as someone who is interested in finding the best solution, and I respect him for it. I just disagree with him a lot.
  10. Lethn


    There isn't anything wrong with two parties by themselves, but when they start getting their heads together and don't even act different that's when it becomes fucking dangerous and borderline government dictatorship as we see in western governments today. Regulations on third parties get stricter and stricter and it becomes far more expensive for outsiders to get run as candidates or MPs.

    I agree though that there isn't going to be a simple solution, I for one am almost completely in favour of Direct Democracy because that gives power to the people to actually stop laws that politicians are trying to pass. The power between the politicians and the people need to be balanced and I just simply don't think ordinary democracies cut it that way because all that happens is they cause as much chaos and destruction as they can before they get kicked out in the next election.
    #10     Mar 19, 2010