Money back via American Express fraud protection

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    If you've been trading very long you have surely fallen victim to one or more of the "revolutionary, amazingly easy-to-use, generates fantastic returns, blah, blah, blah" trading programs, software, etc. we hear about on a daily basis. Getting your money back from those scammers is next to impossible. Here's an idea that really works: charge the transaction on your American Express card and get a full refund by filing a claim under their fraud protection policy. Here's the link to that program (or Google "american express fraud protection"):

    I personally have met a lady who paid $5,300 to Best Choice software who got a full refund this way. At the first "users group" meeting she attended the promoter began pushing another program. She soon found that he had recently told others that the very program he sold her a month earlier didn't work. She demanded her money back. Best Choice refused. She hired an attorney who wrote several letters. Best Choice still refused. She contacted American Express whose card she had fortunately charged the $5,300 purchase on - and filed a claim under their fraud protection program. About a month later she received a full refund from American Express.

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