Money back from Tuco

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by baller1069, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Has anyone got their money back from Tuco, I have sent emails to thomas lennon and people at tuco and haven't received any back yet?

    I sent my withdrawal form in a couple weeks ago...
  2. the SEC's chosen receiver is responsible now. just remember they were billing tuco $2,100 an hour to help you guys get your money back. maybe they had to steal some of each LLC member's contribution in order to help them get back your contribution.

    i am sorry for your bad fortune... i suggest you contact your representative and your State's Attorney General and let them know how you feel about the SEC illegally destroying Tuco and taking member's contributions.
  3. Good point - contact your local congressman/govt offices asap imo.
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    I have heard that the receiver is releasing 35% of trader's funds immediately and the remainder within 90 days. He hasn't replied to my email, but I've heard this from someone who's spoken with him.

    Tuco and the people involved have no say in anything and know no more than any of the traders.
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    I assume the huge fees charged by the receiver will come out of the residual equity from tuco and not from our pockets right
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    I hope so, but I guess that depends how much the gov't decides to "help" & "protect" us.