Money as Debt

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  1. your link crashes my internet connection -- ???
  2. good vid. the origin of debt money should be taught in public school
  3. The material in the video is based on gross misconceptions of how the financial system works. The author is basically a crank, to say the least.

    I exchanged a couple email messages with the producer of the video and I tried explain to him the basics. He is ignorant of the basics. He thinks both the loan and the deposit are liabilities. His main motivation appears to be to attack the economic system of the west. He praised the communist system in his emails to me and he insisted that its collapse was not due to its inefficiencies and corruption but due to external pressure.

  4. There is nothing good about the vid. It's based on gross misconceptions of the financial system and the way it operates.

  5. i did notice the part you mentioned and admittedly i can't speak to the validity - but the general concept of fractional reserve lending creating an inherent wealth vacuum from ordinary people to banks seems valid enough. is there an argument that negates this?
  6. Nice video that finally illustrates my point.

  7. this video seems like it was produced by people w/ the same mentality as the liberty dollar scam artists.
  8. Paper money = debt

    Digital paper money = debt

    Its that simple. The more of it you lend, the more diluted it becomes.
  9. well going back to econ 101- in an island economy that produces 10 bananas and 10 dollars in circulation that over the course of time grows to 20 bananas you will have deflation (each daollar worth 2 bananas versus the original 1) unless you increase the currency in circulation.

    much better to look at money growth versus output than simply money growth. banks lend to projects that they think will make money (increase growth) and usually require collateral (assets which back up the debt).

    this video takes some basics from any beginning money and banking course and then extrapolates a bunch of untruths because he doesn't understand what any basic money and banking course would teach.

    bank lending allows one to take collateral and use it to produce wealth, create growth, jobs, ect... if the projects for which they lend make money.

    if monetary growth does not outpace economic growth by too much there is no problem.
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