Money as Debt video - Vey Interesting view of today's banking

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    Below is a link and someone's commentary about this video. I found it very interesting.

    Money As Debt - produced by Paul Grignon, narrated by Bob Bossin

    After viewing the concise animated DVD, Money As Debt, I realized that this is the most important tool for reform on all levels that I could have ever dreamed of. Ignorance of the money system and basic economics is the ROOT cause of all that ails us as a society. Money whose actually foundation is debt is doomed to catastrophe, and we have been "playing" this shill game for way too long and at the expense of the lives of indigenous people all over the world. If you passionately want real reform, working on this one cause and sharing this important DVD with others, will ripple out to literally affect all just causes. If you loved The Money Masters and want that concise presentation that cuts to the chase in a fantastic format, this is literally PERFECT for all audiences and all ages over 6 years old. What we have today is beyond usury and shocking when you pare it down to the basics, as Paul Grignon so eloquently does. Here is how his amazing product came into existence, as paraphrased from his website :

    With the help of my partner Tsiporah and my neighbour and voiceover man, Bob Bossin, the final script was edited and rewritten numerous times. Money as Debt is now a colourful, fast-moving 47- minute animated short feature that explores the basic concepts of money creation in words and pictures that are not only clear but also enjoyable. It is intended for all audiences, including elementary school children. My particular hope is that it will convince environmental, social justice and electoral reform advocates that monetary reform is essential to the goals they hope to accomplish.

    Money created as interest-bearing bank credit is a magic trick, a fraud - now 3 centuries old; one that very few people have seen through despite, or rather because of, its utter simplicity.

    It is my intention to make this mysterious debt-money system comprehensible to everyone. It is also my intention to foster sufficient understanding of the problems with this money system that citizens will be motivated to join the monetary reform movement and/or create local alternatives to the global monetary system - a system in which most of the productive people of the world are collectively chained to an ever-increasing and perpetually unpayable debt.

    This is a system designed for elite control of the people by those who have given themselves the privilege of creating money. It is also, I believe, a system that is designed for catastrophe. As the movie explains, there can be no sustainable civilization without a sustainable money system
  2. RedDuke the reason this is news for people like you is because education system is designed not to educate in that regard.

    China and Russia have nationalized debt free central banks, they are both running surpluses

    This is bigger secret than JFK and UFOs
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    I began a quest a couple of months back in response to noticing a trend of always needing to work herder and harder and recieving less and less value for my work. I studied frational reserve banking and this is one of the videos I ran across. It is by far the best. Too many videos out there take it too far, into conspiracy theory stuff. This one does not. It deals in facts, and presents the facts in a way that anybody can (or should be able to) understand. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about why the world sucks.
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    I'm not sure I get your point. Who is "people like you"? I have not met anyone in my everyday life who knows how frational reserve banking works. My estimate is that some oscene percentage, maybe 98%, of americans have no idea. And they don't want to know. Trying to get people to listen long enough to be enlightened on the topic is like trying to get a 3y/o to cut the front lawn with a pair of scissors.
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    After all this stuff is boring, it is a lot "more fun" to watch a sport game, jersey shore ...... Plus, no need to think and act.

    Btw, we are all guilty, starting and doing "crusade", even educational one is a lot of work, and who has time between work and family.
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    It really will be our downfall. Death by apathy & misinformation.