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  1. Journals and keeping records seems to play a big role in personal development. Hence, I thought it is not relevant to trading but found otherwise. My journal would share some insights I found.

    Trading journey:
    I began following business when I was in high school but it took a good 10 years before I put in my first trade. I did not begin by reading any books or websites but traded purely by sticking to value stocks.
    Very soon I realized that I need to make a decision whether I want to be an investor and hold long term or trade short term. My impatience made me a swing trader. My rude awakening to the market began during the most recent crash when I was vacationing in Yellowstone and the market tanked. My portfolio went down 25% but it was not too bad to cause panic. The more painful part was sitting through the the bottom at March.
    I got an intuition that I need to enter into some value stocks at the end of March but didn't know how to play it. I entered DTG, LVS, AXL at the their bottoms but got out quickly.
    The market move from March was a good time to learn to trade with the trend but constant economic turmoil and uncertainty made be shy away from the stocks.
    Some of my best picks were :DDRX, DTG, TVL, and GGWPQ.
    Ofcourse I did not stay long enough in them to make the kind of money that 10 or 20 baggers do.

    Since the beginning of this year I have been day trading when I think the market is holding up to news. I set a goal of $200 a day which I have managed to hit since January.
    My favorite stock right now is: BLC

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  2. I found that reading the news headlines on Bloomberg is a good indication of how the next day trades.
    As of the time of this posting there are:
    4 negative stories and 2 positive stories.

    Futures are down 15.

    Asian markets are slightly positive.

    Tomorrow looks like a small positive day but should be a good opportunity to short after any rally.
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    If you think you will make money by reading the news you have a long way to go ...
  4. Yes, I have a long way to go. I am sure no one has found the silver bullet to trading/making money. By the way "Simon group has made an offer for General Growth Properties or 10B". The news should move GGWPQ today....