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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Kalkulatin, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Has anyone one heard of this outfit up in Washington State? They operate out of the Northwestern Trading School using Great Eastern Securities as the broker.

    Their operation loans risk capital at 10:1 for a margin account with 18 % monthly interest., paying at a min. $199 monthly and a platform use fee. You sign on as a contractor using their platform after paying an intial sign on fee.
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    sounds like the worst deal ever. you gotta make 18% to break even ? then pay fees too?
  3. bwahaha this is the funniest of all the prop scam stories I've heard on ET for sure, equity prop trading is a joke , can't see why anyone would look at those equity trading firms
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    that's's too easy to get a better deal...
  5. do they give you a free suckers shirt after you make your first trade?
  6. I heard they might be going bankrupt...just a rumor though.

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    ehhh bwahahahahahahahahhaahahahhaaah toooooo fucking funy.:D
  8. you're an idiot- but that is because you are French. We don't like the French here- they are cowards...
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    "F" the French!:eek: