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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jrlvnv, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. jrlvnv


    Looking to buy QQQQ at 44.30 stop is at 43.90 and target is at 45.10 for half and will trail the rest. Who likes???

    What like comments on the trade. NO holding back either :)
  2. I'd look to get in closer to the $ 44. mark. Your target looks good to me as I think the buyers will be esp. be wanting to look for control of the Q's at the start of the week.
    Your strategy to add as the stock moves is also a good plan. No need to load up on this one all at once, as this one continues to stay in its current trading range (as described on Alpha Trends blogspot thingy)

    Until then... have a great weekend. May The Buyers be with you.

  3. I disagree with Brian at Alpha Trends Blogspot. He clearly states that we should be "giving the benefit of the doubt to the buyers".

    I see a chart that has been in a narrow trading range for nearly 2 months. I see companies reporting great earnings and then met with wild sell-offs in the days after.

    The time to have given the benefit of the doubt to the buyers was back in August. I hope there are no investors out there that looked at his website and then bought whole-heartedly expecting the indexes to simply keep moving up.

    Dr. Michael Roberts

  4. MS, I feel bad for you, re: the whole prison thing.

    I think you got very bad advice.

    I mean, all you had to do was say "My broker told me something was going on with the company. I took this to mean he recommended selling..."

    That's it! It was the truth and you never would have gone to jail, lost a billion in net worth, etc. Instead you chose to try and deceive, and it was all down hill after that.

    Oh well. It's all over now.

  5. I agree with you Marketbaro as per your comments re: Alpha Trends... if Brian says, "... innocent until proven guilty." just one more time... I'm gonna vomit. (JJ)

    The chart discussions are kinda interesting. At the very least I get a feel for what chart-type-technical-people chart about. But I rarely focus on past analysts' picks or miss-picks. For a stock like the Q's (or one hitting new highs) I like to focus on where the stock is going, and ask, "is it, or can it go higher?", and as for the QQQQ? Next week will tell us alot going forward. If I can get in on Monday @ $ 44. I'll be looking for an entry right here, right now!


    MS (note: could be an alias to the other posted note!)
  6. I should have noted, as a trade (just to clarify) not as a long position!