Monday's plan

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by forsalenyc, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. will go long financials at open....perhaps premarket.....wait for the reversal......short the hell out???? anyone second?
  2. Daal


    could be trending day for financials. but the market might get too excited pre-market and it would fade, who knows
  3. rickf


    IMHO all this does is save the banks and brokerages who were leveraged into the FRE/FNM mess. And yes, it keeps the GSE's alive and functional with the USG backing them.

    But the underlying fundamentals of the economy haven't changed much from last week, so I think we may see a Mon rally but likely sideways-to-down movement as the week goes on.....after all, folks knew "something good" was going to happen this weekend for the GSEs, so it's not like this was a total surprise.
  4. Markets up big on Monday

    Looking at the futures now tells me Dow up 500+, Nasdaq up 100+, USD down.
  5. I agree in theory, but we did rally for a while after the Bear Stearns bailout and that also didn't change the economic fundamentals.
  6. shorted after the open.....covered too soon.....damm......churning morning profits away right now. lol
  7. so should've held onto my many times have I seen this scenario up monday morning only to sell off rest of the day.........should not have gone long.....why why why????? I'm such a dumb f(*&!!!
  8. Nice call... do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?

    Just kidding!!! I'm being a dick today!!
  9. Thanks :)

    No I do not have a newsletter at this time but I might add one. Thanks for the suggestion.

    If you need any trading advice feel free to PM me and I would be happy to help.