Mondays full moon

Discussion in 'Trading' started by iagree, Jul 13, 2006.

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    It looks like Mondays full moon did what it was suppose to do. market treded down on the full moon. Any thoughts on this?
  2. (1) You're a lunatic. (2) Markets rally and fall in the vicinity of full moons and new moons. There's no consistency in using lunar cycles as a timing method.
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    Mr B

    hmmmm, actually studies have shown that cortisol levels increase in human males when there is a full moon.

    a possible anthropological reason for this is that back when we did the hunting, a full moon provided light and was therefore a good environment for night time prowls. hence we go into hunt mode when there's a full moon.

    there is also some evidence to support increased night time crime in the UK during full moons - people seem to be more aggressive.

    so maybe the full moon came out, men in front of trading screens around the world went caveman.

    the Israelis and French footballers seem to be particularly sensitive to this.
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  6. A "lunartic" perhaps? :D

  7. FULL MOON is bad ....