Monday Will Start Off With Futures Down Big!!!

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  1. 1) Asia sells off hard

    2) Futures down in reaction

    3) Some rumors get spread

    4) Some might even turn out to be true

    5) If Fed speak ahead of meeting is same as Poole`s "markets need to work themselves out" that will crush that option.

    6) People actually start shorting Monday into dip buying rally`s

    7) technical metrics get hit to the downside

    8) Trading Curbs get kicked in

    9) Dow breaks 13,000 triggering more sell programs

    10) all in all, Monday shaping up as one nasty day for the long only portfolio managers who just sit there and watch as their client`s profits dwindle away as they are "fully invested for the long term" why these idiots don`t go 85% cash when the dow runs up 2,000 in 4 months after already being at 6 and a half year highs and sitting at 14,000 is beyond me.

    But that`s why they get the big bucks to just sit there and watch their clients portfolio`s make 100% profits, and then give it all back as the market sells off and they remain bullish fully committed sheep..................didn`t anybody learn anything from the 2000 event................where the market reached all time highs, and most portfolio managers just lost all their clients profits with the selloff because they refused to go ALL CASH, where you lock in your profits and get paid 5% to ride out the inevitable cyclical market downturn.....then you buy in again when the market is dirt cheap! dow 7400 in 2003!!!
  2. I've got a newsflash for you BS: They CAN'T go ALL CASH!!
  3. Geeze...this guy shows up again.

  4. Monday will be a normal day
  5. you have been bearish since 1974 ?

    oops ... I mean dow 7400 in 2003 ?

  6. Yeah...why didn't the portfolio managers sell at the top, and buy back in at the bottom?

    How dare they?
  7. I've got a private clients research report here that says the S&P will be 1300 by the end of August, at best! (Oh Shit!)

    Fascinating reading.

    I am a true brainiac for buying DOG while I had the chance:D
  8. Gold will test $550 again and oil will fall precipitously back to the high $40's by the end of the year.

    Lucky I shorted NEM:NYSE again:D
  9. mook

  10. Thank you so very much for coming back! I was distressed on your disappearance. The single biggest fade in all of ET.

    You have confirmed my projected trajectory for US equities.

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    Thanks again for coming back!
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