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  1. Cycle analysis pointing out these times as the best to take a divergence or convergence trade based on 5 min charts.
    1/ 9:45 est
    2/ 13:15 est

    I can be more accurate after Monday opening but this is more fun for me.
  2. Walther,

    What are these trading times derived from?

    PEACE and good-specul8tion...
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    Dude can consolidate this spam all into one thread or something so I don't waste time clicking on new headers.


    When you say "more accurate", does that mean you will come back one hour later to hype your "great trade" or will you wait the normal two hours?

    BTW-My analysis shows a high probability for a good trade at 9:45 EST on Monday (give or take 15 minutes).
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    Well, I guess there's no point in closing his threads. Maybe ial could try the Chit Chat option.

    Keep trying, Walter. You're bound to run out of the gullible eventually.
  6. Here are my trading times for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this next week (all times Eastern). If you use these times you are guaranteed to be involved in the best trading times of the day. Enjoy!

    1) 10:01

    2) 10:31

    3) 11:55

    4) 3:01 PM

    5) 3:45 PM
  7. Only spam here is in your head..
  8. Plain geometry, using trendlines and linear regression lines.
    Use 2 or 1 min charts of a SP500, plot 8-2 fast stoch and 13 period CCI.
    Times are the trigger, divergence or a convergence between indicator(s) and a price is a trigger. You have to wait for a divergence to be completed. I'll be back on Monday.


    Here is a very simple question....Why don't you just post your trades IN REAL TIME?

    If you are confident in your system, back it up....or shut up.
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