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  1. Would like to add some opinion on Monday and the week ahead in the hopes of hearing other points of view.

    The general consensus seems to be upward movment in the market- this will be the start of earning season, starting with Alcoa on tuesday- expectations have been for poor results on the quarter but it seems that the focus is on what they see going forward. N. Korea just unsuccesfully fired a massive rocket, against the wishes of the world community. Unemployment is the worst it has been since 1983, 600+k jobs lost in previous month. The stock market has seem to have found a potential bottom and since rallied to an amount not seen since 1933.

    What I see based on this on Monday is a slight selloff, a risk reduction based upon what we have seen over the past several days & in antipation of Tuesday's earnings reports/expectations going forward. A lot of people may look at this as a way to lock in their profits on the 20+% move the last month.


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    Many years ago I received a very valuable trading tip. A trader looked me in the eye and said these two words -- surfs up.
  3. The fact that a lot of the posts in this forum lately are of the nature "What does everyone think? Down again?" leads me to believe there are an awful lot of shorts caught underneath.
  4. I'll be profit taking on my swings Monday, feeling it out, have a few shorts I'll probably follow through with
  5. I'm long. Unless we get a big reversal tomorrow, I plan to remain long.
  6. Was that, or was that not a reversal?

    All, any follow ups?

  7. I see much more upside. this is just a pause. keep buying the same stuff I recommend. Gooog, ma, aapl, rimm, bidu
  8. LOL! Well put!
  9. I was hoping for a more constructive conversation.

    I was short, but it worked out for me. Out this morning.