Monday Opening

Discussion in 'Trading' started by forsalenyc, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Will the market gap up again fueled by $700B bailout news?
  2. dealer


    Unless my screens are wrong the market looks lower this evening....

    Given the short covering bid in the market right now, well probably grind higher once Europe opens.

    Absent any news I was thinking, maybe we'll open around 1250-1260 in NY, but this Fed announcement has me scratching because of it's timing.
  3. where do you check overnite futures and commodities and such.......I just bought a new PC(Quad baby), and I lost all my favorites......
  4. In your futures account!
  5. I use IB to see and trade but otherwise there is always

    Hope it helps
  6. dero


    I find to be terribly slow: (10 minute delay)

    (i used to use, but the delay irritated the dickens out of me)