Monday morning's volume buzz

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  1. "A stock's volume for the current day (let's say at 11:32am) is compared to its average historical volume for the same percentage of the day. The volume buzz tells you how far ahead or behind the stock is based on its normal historical activity. A volume buzz of +250% means the stock is trading 250% more than normal for this portion of the day. A figure of -50% means the stock is trading at only half of its norm for this portion of the day."

    A handy tool to help see which stocks are moving unusually heavy. Here's how the morning looks so far in the S&P 500:

    WYNN - 231.1%
    MHP - 223%
    MMI - 189%
    ALTR - 123%
    EBAY - 117%
    SNDK - 115%
  2. 1. You transact in price.

    2. Blocks can be negotiated and not necessarily appear on tape.

    3. A block acquired by the ax can be fed back in over a period of hours, days or weeks.