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  1. ? any guess
  2. LEH should just announce they are finished this weekend with a Fed announcement that FRE and FNM are nationalized.

    That would surely mark a bottom.
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    Someone is a stock BUYER and has a bias to the bull side and it shows. Stock Buyers are just that, they BUY for one reason and one reason only. Stock BUYERS should not call themselves "traders" because they only want the stock to go one way and one way only. If the stock loses money they do not trade that stock, they either make a short term BUY into a long term so called 'investment" or they dump it.

    Why would a takeover of fannie or freddie, maybe even sallie make a difference? At best it would stop some of the bleeding but the problem would still be there.

    Do not trade or just be a BUYER with a bias. Forget the "hope roap" and switch to trading the ES, NQ and become AC/DC trader, go both ways. HA