Monday 9:40 est is to be watched

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, Jul 25, 2003.

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  1. It just popped out of my screen . Very strong signal at 9:45 est for SPX .
    have a good weekend..
  2. wally, I've got 2, no make that 3 questions:

    1)is it 940 or 945? I realise it to be only 5 minutes, but still....
    2)this strong 'signal' of yours that 'popped out', do you guarantee it 2 be realiable so we can capitalize on it?
    3)if not tell us why not, and tell us your reason for posting then?

    have a nice day,


    I had 9:39am for Monday. :confused:

    Now I have to re-run all of my calculations...I'm gonna miss BINGO tonight!!!
  4. MRWSM


    After the huge gap up Monday, you 9:40 dudes are going to miss most of the impending move. Sorry guys:p
  5. If you would want to hire me to generate Trading Times for you I would guarantee that you will be profitable .
  6. Most likely not , there are new signals generated as price moves and time goes by..


    Consumer confidence comes out at 10:00...of course there is going to be action. Nice try with the sales pitch.
  8. Although these questions are for Walther, I'd like to make an attempt at answering them.

    1. Could be 10mins either side of those times. We won't know until after the fact.
    2. It is guaranteed to be reliable after the fact. Walther will come back an hour or two after the selected time and tell you what you could have done to make a profit.
    3. IMO the reason for posting is to eventually get some paying gullible newbies as clients.


    If the consumer confidence # moves the market at 10:00 (as it usually does), Walther will come back here and say that his 9:45 call was right on.
  10. white17


    Seems to me the "call" is worthless whether he's correct or not since he has failed to give any indication of direction.
    #10     Jul 25, 2003
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