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  1. Everyone is on the kick. Is this yet another scam or is it legit. I have stocked up. What are your thoughts?
  2. My brother bought a few bottles for my dad. Never heard of it before two weeks ago, since then I've seen it half a dozen different times.

    Reeks of scam/fad.
  3. I never tried this, but I hear good things about it because of the acai berry it is made from, and high antioxidant. I think it is $30.00 a bottle.
    But most berrys have high antioxidants if you want to make homemade drink for less money. Red wine is good too!!
  4. promagma


    Acai is anti-inflammatory, so yes that will cover over a lot of health problems.
  5. "Verve" kicked monavie's butt in recent testing (Men's Journal Mag) and I use it daily.....I love it!!! I get all my required vitamins and minerals in a liquid form each day (liquid form assimilates properly into the body unlike traditional vitamins that pass right through....what a waste!). The thing that is cool about Verve/Vemma is you can get the product as just the vitamins/minerals in the Vemma product or mixed as a very healty energy drink with the Verve you have a nice choice.

    If I am not mistaking, there is even a Verve Ultra Lounge in the Phoenix Suns arena on the upper level (they sell the product there exclusively) as well as 4 Seasons hotels are starting to pick up the product (had a Verve in the Vegas location).

    Several of my good friends turned me on to it and I now use it daily......