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  1. yaaawn up huge as usual

    if you want to make money buy these stocks and hold em' for a few months

    it is so obvious
  2. harkm


    What price did you buy each and how many shares of each?
  3. My guess? zero, zero, and zero. End of communication...And as a betting man, i'll venture no reply from our super poster stock!
  4. I bought some MOS today in the morning. Already up 3%.
  5. harkm


    So you bought around 148?? How many shares and are you going to hold for a few months?

    Edit, sorry I was thinking POT. Did you buy MOS around 102?
  6. up this trade is so easy even a caveman can do it . The money makes itself with no work or anything.
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    Hard to believe these stocks will keep going like this.
    I first started watching POT when it was doubled on the year and pulled back to under $100. Lots of the talk on yahoo was trashing the company (I think around Sep 2007) so I chickened out. Having since followed it and the segment, I think that any pull back on these wild swings are a buying op. I wish I would have bought.....solars too seem to act like this but more speculative.
  8. The way you make money in the stock market is to buy the stocks that go up. Seems pretty simple. I bought some MOS a few days ago, and it has been a great investment.
  9. Im amazed POT hasnt bit it yet. I remember talking to a non trader about it in july and he knew about it. Way way extended
  10. well the fed has created the right conditions for commodity related stocks to go through the roof.
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