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  1. brook89


    Does anyone here use website?

    If so what kind of results have you had?

    Thanks for any response
  2. i am and have been a member for some time. i use them (him) to get some great ideas. bottom line, i like

    also, you'll learn something too about TA. the night before he lays everything out (S/R, MA's etc) with annotated charts and suggestions for entries and exits. you'll get LOTS of potential trade candidates for NYSE & NASDQ alike. you'll get more possibilities on the bulletin board where he posts potential plays as they develop during the day .

    i think it's a good value, and 'he' actually trades many of those same plays. he is very personable and helpful and seems a likeable guy. easy to talk to.

    for $55/month i think it's a great value. try the free week trial and see for yourself.