Momentum in financial markets

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  1. Ignore the title, economists talking about physics is like a fat person talking about have won the NYC marathon.

    Why Newton was wrong

    Noone likes to read, so:


    Buy high, sell higher. EMH need only to remember one thing, the trend is your friend.

    Be on the lookout for Waddell and Reed, they sure do know how to start a trend!
  2. Bloody rabble! That 110-year holding period has got to be a load of poppycock. :eek: :( :mad:
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    What's your problem? Momentum effect has been pretty well document in a vast amount of economics and finance literature.

  4. +1
  5. -5 :confused:
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    -69 <- see? a much more interesting number.

    What exactly are you :confused: (apparently that's a confused icon) about?

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    Interesting article from The Economist. Had a look at AQR momentum funds after reading it, and they require a minimum investment of 5 million usd. Little steep for luisHK:(
  8. AS an economics/finance/accounting major myself I find the so called momentum (documented by the way) to be a just a story tale.
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    Good to know your 'major' gives you the credential to pass flippant judgment on post graduate level research;

    I'm curious, why is it a 'story tale'? What is it about momentum effect that you find not credible?

  10. Define the word itself.

    It is just fictional finance talk. Nothing REAL in any way. Just like years ago when the bubble seemed so real and prosperous.
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