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  1. Hi all - this journal is to track my daily plays as a momentum day trader. With my trades it is important to note the time stamp as I try to get into trades before big momentum shifts. As I am in a lot of positions during the day I will be posting my P/L info at the end of the trading day.

    I welcome any comments and I am always looking to network with bright and motivated traders.
  2. Long on ADCT

    ADCT: hearing Q com will make bid for company in the 27-29 range
  3. Long on STP

    STP: Hearing Kyocera may make bid in the 60 range for STP
  4. Nice run on STP... climbed more than .50 after my posting
  5. Long on GES
  6. STP 52 week high!
  7. Long AMLN

    AMLN: hearing Sanofi Aventis will make bid For AMLN in the 60 range
  8. AMLN: options up 200%
  9. Hi momotrade,

    If you are going to have a conversation with yourself, you don't need ET to do it.

    Maybe glove puppets should be the weapon of choice, on the other hand they may fall into an argument.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I'm out here posting my plays and sharing information which could be beneficial to you. If you are interested in making money keep following my journal.
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