Mom & Pop gets suckered again....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. capmac


    Dow and S&P at 4 1/2 year highs!!

    GOOG heading to $600 !

    Next stop DOW 12,000 !


    After the earnings from YHOO & INTC this afternoon, it is safe to say a lot will get slaughtered in the upcoming days. Another bogus rally on hopes....

    It is going to be a looong year....
  2. Mom and Pop are not in this bs market. Only 'traders', specialists, MM's, and hegefunds are in this 'market'.

    Mop & Pop are still laughing all the way to their mortgage broker to cash out on some more home equity while they still can.
  3. I guess traders got suckered in too. Before that the shorts got killed
  4. I don't really understand this statement. I think Mom and Pop are always in the market one way or another or there would be no wall street. Mom and pop don't trade (actively), they put there money in managed accounts and funds and its up to the managers to manage, nothing has changed.
  5. Gold_Ric


    How did they get sukered, its been a hell of a 4 year ride ?
  6. Holy shit Capmac, the market corrects after one hell of a rally and you predict that ALL of 2006 is going to be terrible.

    You may be right... you may be wrong... but basing it on one day... wait, one AH session -- GET A GRIP
  7. empee


    let see what happens tommorow, my gut fieeling is we gap down and rally decent, if so I would say its still bullish. However, I'm not bullish/bearish just a trader.

    Otoh, I put on a arb position between NQ and YM which is up nicely afterhours :) (short NQ long YM)
  8. all I know is last time INTC got hit on earnings,.... it was the bottom and we rallied hard from there..

    all aboard $$$

    I love free money$$
  9. simonee


    A good trader don't care which way the market goes, he can do it both way :D
  10. INTC and YHOO both should have higher than normal volume. There should be plenty of panic investors trying to get out.

    Panic investors = lots of free money$$

    I am hopping on the train tomorrow.
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