Mom busted for taking her 6 year old tanning.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., May 3, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Mom busted for taking her 6 year old tanning, and thats not even the strangest part of the story..... wait till you see this woman, someone should tell her its a tanning bed not a goddamn bbq.

    Just by looking at the woman, its a given that her kids should be taken away, as the woman is clearly insane.

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  2. This crazy bitch is 44 years old, looks about 64 and will continue to decay. Her punishment should be locking her sorry ass in a tanning boothe for a week and throw her cooked carcass to the rats at the nearest dump.
  3. pspr


    Since Max posted this in the P&R she must be a member of the 'Church of Later Day Tanners'. That would make indoctrinating her 6 year old into the Church perfectly legal as an expression of religious freedom.

    But, she does look like you could stick a fork in her. :D
  4. Ricter



    It's worse that the kid is a redhead--stupid mom.
  5. I find this outrageous behavior on the part of the "authorities" here.
    I don't like the BS nanny state authoritarianism in this story.

    What's next father gets arrested for larceny of santa's cookies? gimme a break. she should sue the piss outta both the nurse and whomever put out a warrant for her arrest.
  6. i agree with you. It is bullshit to arrest her from what was in the video. It is not the job of the state, feds, law enforcement, etc to raise people's kids for them. How ridiculous, the women might be a little fucked up but so what? that just isn't enough evidence to take away her child, or arrest her. if thats all the "authorities" have to do, maybe they should be laid off.

    Oh and Diana Rocco is SEXY.
  7. Ricter


    I didn't have the audio on, and assumed that she let her kid tan.
  8. pspr


    Tanning mom still has a ways to go before she is fully baked like this one.

    <img src="">
  9. 377OHMS


    Madness. Just madness.