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  1. Ebo


    Has anybody found any value to this call?

    "Market to sell off later in the session today on a higher opening and early morning rally. If we get a lower opening and an early push lower FIRST then prices should continue higher today."

    Who pays for this garbage?

    ESZ03 S&P500 E-mini Futures
    Monday, October 27, 2003

    1,040.10 Pit Bull MA
    1,034.50-1,033.50 Sell Pivot

    No Trade at this Sell Pivot target today but watch for resistance especially at the stop/pivot target at 1038.75.

    1,020.75-1,021.75 Buy Pivot

    No trade at this Buy Pivot Target today. Watch for support here
  2. Daryn


    He has been talked about and interviewed alot on a local radio station here in Vancouver. They bragged about his amazing accuracy. He offers a free trial..or did a while ago that I had to try so I could verify his amazing accuacy. Unfortunately, yes, it appears that many people pay for the service which usually seems to say "the market may go higher today or it may go lower". Then he usually throws in a couple of # to confuse you and there you have it...85% accurate market calls!
  3. Ebo


    If you say so.
    I find he is correct with his headline about 25% of the time.
    His entries on both sides also yield a profit about as often.
    Anybody on ET follow MOHAN's calls and have an opinion?

    WAXIE also has an infomercial and a book and has made a few "squishy" calls this year on the short side!

    I enjoy the humour of some of these newletters.
  4. damir00

    damir00 Guest

    spent some time tracking Mohan, the guy is as useless as tits on a bull. always - ALWAYS - makes two-sided calls and "makes" tons of post-facto money. even by the low standards of his niche he's pretty pathetic.
  5. T-REX


    YES. all he is doing is using Floor pivot points.
    He only gets filled maybe 20% or less of the time.

  6. T-REX


    yea. he's a great marketer though.
  7. T-REX


    Yea. unfortunately he wants 100% of his $1k to attend his seminar in November in Las Vegas.
  8. Daryn


    I was kidding when I said his calls are accurate!
  9. Daryn


    The bolded words might signify that there is a hint of sarcasm in my no, I was not really that gung ho!:D what the hell, now you deleted your post so it looks like I am talking with myself! lol
  10. Boomer


    i agree with yall, his posts are two-sided, and are full of it. i got the free trial just to try it out. there any worthwhile newsletters out there that do offer something useful.
    #10     Oct 27, 2003
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