Mohan - watch out!

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  1. Just to warn some of the people not to get involved with him. After his recent seminar, he told a few people that he will trade for them. Asked for $20k each from 50 people. He started trading (so-to-speak) with this money late december and so far has lost almost half of it.

    Watch out!
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    Never heard of him
  3. nkhoi


    we just laugh about his latest email touting "all new" indicator called EZ Trailblazer something, he promises to bare all, tell all in an exclusive 4 days seminar in Florida and wait you also get his 17 propriety indicators for free :D
  4. Ebo


    Market will go down, if it does not go down it may go up.
    We will stay on the sidelines in anticipation of a move in one direction. Next weeks expiration in conjunction with a lack of any conviction will result in no call today unless the high five becomes transparent.
  5. I know a few people who are subscribed to his newsletter and that is exactly how it looks.... lol :D
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    you think ?
  7. Sounds a bit like T-Rex.
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    He was doing pretty good in the fall but everything started failing by mid Dec. The narrow ranges were definitely one thing that crippled his service. Currently not something to subscribe to. He may be a bit confused at this time.

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    I signed on for a year of his stuff. This was about 1 1/2 years ago, and at 1st he seemd like he was right on. It was well before the fall when his calls got worse, it was like a mechanical system that lost its optimized parameters. I liked having the value area numbers he put out, but have since found them for free and didn't renew. Price went up also. Also that was a very good example of his calls. :D I think he's been taking lessons from weathermen.
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    Would you also tell us where you found the value numbers "for free"?

    Don't if they add value to my method, but certainly like to peek at them :)

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