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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Whamo, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Whamo


    I signed up to receive a trial of their S&P Futures newsletter and Mohan seems to be right on most of the time in calling what the ES will do for the day.

    For those who subscribe are his directional calls consistent over a longer period of time; say for the last 6 months? Do you make the 6 to 8 points that he says he gets from his setups? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. BudFoxx


    most of his analysis is very basic..

    i can show you how he calculates his pivot points..

    other then that.. i dont see anything special about his newsletters. he his on.. but i've seen him miss a few big moves in the past.
  3. Ebo



    Which equation is he using.
    His calls have been on the money for a week?
    I use similar SUPPORT and RESISTANCE levels.

  4. nkhoi


    Mohan is alright, he uses MP, his method is explain on his website the real value is in his daily though.
  5. Whamo


    First Morning Call I've seen him miss so far; said the S&P would rally until at least 1:30pm.

    I keep getting emails regarding the Ask Mohan section of his site. Do you find his answers to questions useful and educational?
  6. Yannis


    I have been following his service (free trial) and I have seen some of his daily analyses pan out and some not. Three weeks later, I'm still undecided. Can someone who knows better what/how well this does guy post an evaluation? It would help me decide. Thanks.
  7. BJDavey


    I subscribe and am most successful when I am able to follow his suggestions exactly, i.e., when his headline calls pan out. What makes this not some mechanical trading system is that he offers alternatives most days in the event his headline doesn't pan out. Further, he has setups for situations that might occur during a trading day that require a fair amount of studying of his methods to correctly identify and apply. If you master those, you will have IMHO a trading system that you can follow with confidence.
  8. Whamo


    Thanks for the feedback from all who have posted!
  9. That's true in reverse too and in general: in order to follow something with confidence you first need to master it.
  10. Why doesn't someone, NK, sign up for his trial and post it here at ET so we can evaluate it.

    What the strategy for entry. Does he tell you "how" to get in based on his analysis.
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