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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by java5555, Feb 10, 2004.

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    'getting to the point where you can trade 25 "electric cars" using an 80-100K account and you will be able to make a million dollars a year in this business'-today's Morning Call

    This guy is scary! KEEP SELLING THE DREAM. Couldn't make a right call all winter, and today he's already talking about 'seasonally it is a period of weakness going into the summer'.

    Subscriber beware.
  2. This guys calls are as clear as the San Francisco morning fog.

    TM Trader
  3. sheesh.. with brokers now offering 500 dollar daily margin, you can make a million with only 10k..


  4. qtip


    I have been following his calls for the past 4 months and he hasn't been right very often. Half of his problem is his backwards language to cover himself in case he is incorrect. He actually has added new SMA indicators to help with his calls. I am guessing it won't be much help :mad: