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  1. klans,
    never never never make fun of this prophet unless ya wanna to meet him.
    his followers will seek ya out.
  2. Doesn't your holy book promote peace or forgiveness?
  3. I wonder what kind of sense of humor mo-ham had. Are there any jokes in the Koran?
  4. TGregg


    HAHAHA, yeah and love and tolerance as well. That's why they want to chop the heads off those cartoonists who drew pictures of the incestuous pedophile they all worship.

    And yeah, mohammed was an incestuous pedophile. He had a cutie for a niece (Ayesha), married her when she was only six years old, and popped her cherry when she was nine years old.

    You don't have to take my word for it, it's written in the Koran, and uncontested. Google Ayesha and Islam, there's a mountain of links.

    One theory is he had to take her when she was nine before she got tough enough to fight him off.
  5. I'll look for him on the Megan's law website and try to find a picture.
  6. Hamad Karzai said that an insult to Mo-ho'ed - Piss Be Upon Him - is an insult to a billion muslims world wide.

    Is that true, king?

  7. I heard it's against muslims to make an image of a roadside bomb...because then we would know where they are.

  8. How many light bulbs does it take to screw Mohammed?
  9. islam is a serious religion unlike christianity which has so many sects. unless ya are prepared to have ya head chopped off, don't desecrate mohammed.
  10. Is that my head, or any american head within 25000 miles of me?
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