Mohammed: paedpphile, bisexual or both?

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  1. It is accepted by all intelligent people that Mohammed was a paedophile. He married and raped the innocent 9 year old girl Aisha. Had he been alive today, he would have been executed and Aisha would have received psychologically counselling to get over her rape by Mohammed.

    Plenty of evidence has also come to light that Mohammed was a bisexual. I am all for freedom of sexual orientation, and would welcome Mohammed's bisexuality as good news.

    However, I don't understand how so many people are prepared to die for Allah and his profit Mohammed, whilst at the same time frowning on bisexuality. I accept that many Muslim countries legalize paedophilia and polygamy, but they appear very hypocritical in respect of sexual orientation. In fact in Iran (soon to be militarily liberated by us and our closest ally, Israel, for Iranian WMDs and crimes against humanity), they deny the existence of homosexuality.
  2. I say we insist that mosques fly pink flags outside them in honor of Mohammed's gay tendencies. But if lawyers can demonstrate that Mo was also a paedo then the flag flying may be shortlived and the mosques may have to be shut down, since we cannot have people going into buildings which celebrate paedophilia.
  3. your duty.
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    Max E.

    You forgot to say "God Bless Israel and USA." and then tell us to nuke the entire middle east.....

    Your Shtick is getting old.....
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    And be sure to ban RCG on November 7th.
  6. Mohammed's paedophilia is a FACT. Mohammed married a helpless 9 year old girl, Aisha.

    In fact, you should be banned for trying to stop the truth being transmitted about Mohammed.

    I would start with Wikipedia. Most accept that Aisha was 9 years old, making Mohammed a paedo.

    Those who worship Mohammed are worshipping a paedo. He was also a polygamist womaniser with several wives. He was a truly digusting, completely sexually perverted man.
  7. If Mohammed were alive today, his own religion would require he be beheaded.
  8. Peil . . . . you spend too much time in 'IF' land.