Modular Keyboards?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cwjcntr, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. cwjcntr



    I know they have the add on keypads used for order entry, etc..

    but does anyone know of a regular 101-key keyboard, WITH additional keys (like above the F keys at the top) that I can get and program? Instead of having multiple units on the desk, I'd
    rather have it all combined in one unit.

  2. dchang0


    Check out and has 122-key keyboards meant for IBM 3270 emulation on PCs with PS/2 keyboard ports. I don't know if they are programmable for your software, but they are certainly programmable with terminal emulation software like Smarterm, etc., etc. Cherry is probably your better bet, as they make custom keyboards of all kinds and are more progressive than You can custom-order keyboards with any number of keys from Cherry--if you can afford it.

    Or, you might just consider getting an "Internet" keyboard and reprogramming the buttons at the top.
  3. cwjcntr