Mods ... Why are you stopping real news about the Bilderberger group?

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  1. I am curious ... really.

    It is very clearly monumental news of economic import.

    Is it that conspiracy peoples get carried away with it?

    Let truth reign and research dictate decisions ...
    then the issues are no longer conspiracy driven just truth and event driven.
  2. It was moved to chit chat - but still left alone. Now it's being spammed everywhere. No matter what the content is, that kind of behavior will be removed.
  3. Indeed. I don't see the recent spammed thread moved to chit chat.

    However ... why the pressure to take economic news and events of such great import to chit chat?

    In my case I did not spam ... yet Bilderberger news was still moved to chit chat.

    Please answer the question directly and honestly.

    Examples of reasonable replies:
    --- We don't think it is important.
    --- We don't think it is true.
    --- We think only economics and news of accepted standards is what belongs in economics.

    Thank-you for your reply.
  4. it wasn't me who moved it. But I would make the assumption that it was the third option.
  5. Thanks for your response.

    Regarding Censorship of legitimate economic information.

    I figured [option 3] that as well as that is the most sensible as far as is
    common with people who are not educated regarding these matters.

    I am disappointed in how my post was unprofessionally handled.
    It was in fact dry, "top official inquiry" level economic investigations.
    But global in scope.

    I do agree and understand the reasons why other spammers were curbed however.

    Plus the over-reactive spammer type ... can be emotional tyrants turning facts into run-a-muck conspiracies ...
    Attaching emotion, ego and instability to the facts and materials.

    Plus I am aware that volatile materials can cause more harm than good.

    I would advise however that your team of Mods remain open to new horizon information.
    Often that information sets the stage of change.
    Often that information causes people to feel uncomfortable and reactionary.

    However that is what cutting edge does to the uneducated, immature and stubborn amongst us.

    Energy and Carbon economic and commerce models are likely on the horizon.

    I hope from a lack of education that those are not censored as well.

    I also hope the mod who moved my post demonstrates
    more professional discretion in the future.
  6. Apparently the spammer was posting some related materials ... not my original post.

    The spammer actually had good material ... just poor presentation and respect skills.
  7. Baron

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    It doesn't make any difference how good or relevant the content of the post is. Once somebody tries to shove it down everybody's throat by posting it in every single forum, it's getting deleted and the user will be banned.
  8. Indeed and rightly so Baron.

    However these are two different incidents.

    I posted simple news of economic import.
    There was no spamming ... there was one simple post of huge economic import.

    It was moved from the Economics section to chit chat.

    Hence my dialog and questions and admonishment towards integrity.
  9. It's obvious this sight is being run by Bildenbergers. Be careful skippy you are messing with fire... Put the foil hat with Alfalfa spike back on for protection!!


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