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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hcour, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Just because a thread is in CC does that mean it is doomed to become crap, no matter the subject matter? The thread "Obese Americans" started off quite well, an actual interesting discussion on an important topic, then look how it ends up. These are the last few posts of the thread:


    My mother was so fat that when we use to go to to a restaurant, she would ask for an estimate instead of a menu.

    Who died and made you king, fatso porky

    she raised a disrespectful child...THREAD CLOSED

    They should ban you for being such a stupid asswipe loser trouble maker.

    Am I the only one who feels like we just regressed to 5th grade? Where are the mods for this kind of childish garbage?

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    There's no need to start feedback threads about specific posts. That's what we have a complain link for on each and every post. So if you want the mods to deal with a specific problem you have to let them know about it using the tools we give you specifically for that purpose.
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    By the way, I just pruned the last several pages of idiotic posts on that thread.
  4. I bet you waste more time dealing with chit chat garbage than running the trading portions of the site :D.

    I love ET, but I do not know of any other "trading" forum that allows so much non-trading discussion, actually gives a voice to racist banter or lets moderators take part in the above mentioned conduct lol...

    weel take the good with the bad I guess :D
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    The forum exists because the majority of site visitors want it to, which is plainly evident given the high number of posts that are submitted.
  6. These forums make for a more lively community, keep them Baron. Just like the radio change the channel.

    Rennick out

  7. A majority of Germans voted for Nazis in Germany's Weimar period. Did that make it right? Is it always right to side with the majority?

    The issue here is not the issue you defended, as to the existence of your forum. The issue is the morality of how you allow your forum to be used.
  8. Back to the closet Rockford, and don't be bringing the Fatherland into this.:cool:
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  10. I think that a person who refuses to learn the lessons of Nazi history makes himself a perpetual ignoramus. Your link suggests that you are uneducable in this regard, so I'll try to address the same issue in different terms.

    A majority of voters swept the Ku Klux Klan into control of the Indiana state government in the early 1920s. Is it your view that since they were in the majority, the KKK were right? Would you have sided with them because they were in the majority? Or does basic human decency require more than just following the will of the majority?

    Do I correctly understand your position about ET? Are you saying that a majority of ET site visitors desire to use ET as an outlet for their hatreds, so that ET should give them what they want, by operating a clearinghouse for hate speech and abusive behavour? I note you are a moderator. Does your view reflect ET policy? Perhaps the name of the site should be changed from "Elite Trader" to "Elite Hater"? Perhaps expressions of hatred will attract more postings, more views, and more advertising revenue, than will serious discussions about trading?

    Let's be generous to your argument, by assuming that a majority of site visitors are racists, misognyists, homophobes, haters of the obese, etc. Does this mean that a majority of traders also fall into these categories?

    ET has always been a valuable resource for traders, but it seems that the trend is away from this value, and toward a rising tide of mediocrity and sociopathic behavour. No wonder ET's most respected serious trader, acrary, has abandoned the website!
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