Mods Modifying Posts! :<

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  1. Someone with moderator status is modifying posts on this thread:

    Reality based coin-tosser method that beats 95% of traders in the world.

    Previously it was Whisky, but his moderator status was removed because of his actions, so I don't think it's him again.
    This has been brought to my attention by another trader, and I am starting this thread in response to the problem.

    Hopefully the problem will be dealt with soon, I've never seen this type of behavior on any chat board or trading room that I've been in, and can't for the life of me figure-out why it would be tolerated here.
  2. A half dozen of my posts in that thread were modified.

    Looks like ET has a security breach or people with access to the server are playing games. Either way, it stinks.

    Hard to believe Baron is allowing this crap.
  3. Joe


    Can you show me how it's being modified?
  4. Sure.

    If you click on the link from my original post it will take you to a post where JSSPMK has quoted myself (MandelbrotSet), aglaga and rolextrader as writing "I'm a loser. Losing is a disease. I'm sick.".

    We didn't write that. Our original posts were hacked and re-written over by someone with moderator status and post modification abilities.

    Originally it was Whisky doing it. But his moderator status was revoked by Baron, so either he has figured-out a way to continue doing it, or it is another moderator doing it.
  5. TGregg


    I couldn't find any post of yours with that language. Perhaps Joe or Baron already fixed it. But if all the text was in JSSPMK's post, then you should know that any user can "quote" anything they would like. For instance:


    It doesn't take moderator powers.
  6. fhl


    Been around that long and didn't know you could change someone else's quote?

    That's one of the joys of quoting someone! :D
  7. No, the orginal posts were changed. Page 91.

    I don't know what the original posts were, but I really doubt rolex and mand posted this:


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    I'm a loser. Losing is a disease. I'm sick.

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    I'm a loser. Losing is a disease. I'm sick.
  8. Joe


    Whisky was removed, by myself.
    His moderating tools were released last week, but I found some additial tools that he may have had access to last night. Those were removed last night. This should not occur again, if it does, please let me know.
  9. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    FWIW: I didn't edit anything, but I did remove a few posts.
  10. No vik,

    I was referring to an ongoing process where edits where made directly to the original posts, like what Wayne Gibbous described.

    However, after Whisky complained bitterly about his edge being taken away - :D , it has stopped.

    Thanks to all for your attention to this matter.
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