Modifying Genesis Laser OMS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by spamula, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. spamula


    I need a programmer to modify the OMS stop system within laser, can anyone help me?

    Basically I need the defaults changed, share size, stop as default and possibly auto generated OMS close order once order filled say 0.10$c away.

    I just find entering stops manually prone to errors, and time consuming. By the time you have filled in the variables your changing the original stop in your mind.

    Help please if you know anyone, Genesis can't help me!
  2. spamula


    what programming skills are required to do this?
  3. Genesis modules are just DLLs with a .mod file extension. Their sample code is written in C/C++ with visual studio.

    I am an amatuer programming but I'm not too familiar with hooking and compiling DLLs. If we get a few programmers that run laser, we could start a source-forge project for free if anyone is interested in that.
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  5. dve250


    Try getting Ninja Trader to get their platform to work with the Genesis API. Ninja would be a great option to have and it's already written with advanced trade management. I wonder what it would take for Ninja to do this.