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  1. If Schwager were to come out with a new addition who would he want to interview?
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    I think if he were to write a new volume in the series, he should go to the other extreme and name it "Market Blizzards: The Terrifying Tales of Superstar Traders Turned Cab Drivers Following Sub Prime Meltdown"
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    A two part chapter.

    Part I: How to Lose Your Bar Mitzvah Money
    Part II: Go to the Internet to Beg for More
  5. read inside the house of money - it's the Macro traders guide to hedge fund traders. Drobny wrote it.

    Read the Trader Monthly annual guide to the top 100 traders - complete with annual earnings.

    Probably better in some ways, but lagging in the in-depth type of interviews that Schwager did.

    There are alot more traders now it seems than when Schwager wrote his book- the hedge fund industry was tiny.

    Now there are people who all they do is run carry trades.... the times they are a changing.

    and BTW, the CDS market didn't even exist to my knowledge when Schwager wrote that... now we have Paulson, Falcone, Etc...
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    Shwager should do a book on his own trading performance. Comparing between the before and after the books...

    If the interviews has helped his own trading, it'd probably push his book sales a whole lot more. :D
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    Yeah, Jack is due for another in the series, for sure. I hope this time he doesn't repeated the previous screwup by interviewing everyone at the peak of a bull market.

    Actually I can just see it now - in 4-5 years he will release "Commodity Market Wizards", just in time for the top in that market.

    In the meantime, Drobny's book is a reasonable substitute.

    The main problem I have with these books is they don't ask the right questions. They don't really focus on how to manage a position - how to handle drawdowns, pullbacks, changes in the fundamentals etc. It's all about how to get the idea, or how did you start. Not exactly helpful.
  8. Hillary Clinton cattle futures.
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    Excluding me because i just post to aggravate more then inform most of the time. There should be a book about the idiots that live or die from what they post, read, believe etc in ET.

    TOP 10 morons from ET
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    10,000% ROI. heh
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