Modern humans didn't all come "out of Africa"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Artful D0dger, May 26, 2011.

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  2. pspr


    I'm sure the Chinese would love to claim that modern man originated in China, not Africa. Next to Islam, the Chinese are the biggest liers and thiefs in the world.
  3. Well yeah, except for that's not what they said; what they said and implied was that different groups of people evolved in different regions, as opposed to all coming from Africa and then evolving into different groups. This was an endorsement of multiregional origin hypothesis. It was not an attempt to replace "out of Africa" with "out of China".

  4. Wow. It's really important to you that your own ancestry doesn't stem from Africa, isn't it?
  5. How's that? I didn't publish the research, I didn't pursue this field of study. If it was "really important", I would have. I just find population genetics interesting... *shrug*

    Do you not think it's pretty noteworthy that the "out of Africa" theory paradigm has pretty much been debunked?

    Funny how all you guys thought it was SOOO significant when everyone believed that "we all came from Africa", and "we're all the same", now that science is blowing those notions out of the water, you can't fathom why any of these facts should be "important". LMAO! What a transparent agenda.

  6. Your repeated white pride threads and posts suggest otherwise. And now this.
  7. LOL!!! What's a "white pride" thread? Why are you so threatened by the notion of white people having ethnic pride? It's a-ok for black people to have black pride, they even have a whole special month for it. It's okay for latino people to have "latino achievement" month. They are encouraged to celebrate their ethnicity. Why shouldn't white people?

    Why is it that you think it's fine for black people to be concerned with issues which affect blacks, and latinos to be concerned with issues which affect the latino community, but if a white person is concerned is concerned with issues which affect white people, that's somehow "racist"?

    You're a bigot, any YOU are the racist. You think that some groups should have rights which other groups don't get: based on RACE.

  8. pspr


    The multiregional hypothesis makes no sense unless you believe that God created man in various locations which is not what the Bible says. From an evolutionary view this is just impossible.

    This is just the first step in creating evidence for a "Chinese Origin of Man". Don't believe a thing the Chinese say or do.
  9. You are a moron. Yeah, sure, we white folks really need "white pride" movements because we've been a discriminated minority in this country for so long. Idiot. If your mom had timely access to family planning, my guess is that you would have been nipped in the bud.
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    Same thing different thread.

    Some liberal goon calling somebody else a bigot or racist.
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