modern day lynching

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  1. a li man was convicted of protecting his family from a wht mob.
    he should had shot all of them crackers.
    a man's hoouse is his castle.
  2. loik


    What are the facts?
  3. Am not familiar with the incident, could you post a link?
  4. There are other articles. It is a sad story. Bunch of dumb kids, a typical histrionic teen girl and a dumb dad brings a gun in the situation.

    December 23, 2007 -- THERE is no justice. Not on Long Island.

    Four days and thousands of tears after it started deliberating, a jury last night found John White guilty of manslaughter - a miscarriage of justice that will long haunt the ailing suburb.

    The jurors voted to convict just days after an insane judge started pressuring them to deliberate virtually until Christmas Eve.

    The judge had threatened to lock them in the jury room until their ovens needed to be placed in the "on" position. What choice did these 12 men and women have?

    John White, 54, was a pillar of his community - a hard-working African-American who had moved into a big house in the white suburbs where, he'd hoped, his family would be safe from the random violence of the South Bronx.

    He was wrong.

    One night, his son, Aaron, became the target of a drunken lynch mob that assembled in his driveway, eager for blood.

    The pack of five white men presumed that the black teenager had threatened to rape a white girl - a primal threat that turned out to be a hoax.

    The jeering gang blinded the family with the lights of their cars. They shrieked the "N" word. They wanted to kill Aaron.

    John White was a peaceful man. But he was not suicidal. He shot his gun in the face of the ringleader, killing a 17-year-old punk named Daniel Cicciaro.

    Had things turned out differently, and had John White not acted, it might have been his son lying dead in his driveway.

    I thought in America, a man had the right to defend his property and his family from a mob. I guess I was mistaken. More likely, I've never lived in Suffolk County, Long Island.

    Last week in court, I was stunned to hear Daniel Cicciaro Sr. insist out loud that Aaron White's supposed threat to rape a white girl "was no hoax."

    As onlookers listened incredulously, the father virtually insisted that his son had been right to want Aaron White dead.

    The madness won't stop any time soon on Long Island. This suburb is not safe for decent folk.

    Merry Christmas.
  5. The jury was right to convict. A "lynch mob" of 5 kids? This writer's gotta be kidding. Talk about yer political rhetoric. All White Sr. had to do was shoot over these boys' heads and they would have run away. If the 'ringleader' was 17 how old were the other kids?

    How about the language - "...had John White not acted, it might have been his son lying dead in his driveway". In other words his son would have had to go out to meet the drunk teens in the driveway in order to be molested. And where's the evidence these boys intended to kill anybody - because they used th "N" word? ( Of course, using the "N" word should be a capital offence anyway. )

    Maybe this Long Island suburb will be a little safer now that this trigger-happy fool is locked up.
  6. Only an idiot would think that.
  7. Does seem a little overheated. Did anyone call the cops and if so, where were they? Was the black family inside their house? Did the drunk kids do anything but yell threats? Were they on the family's property?

    Having said all that and suspecting the defendant overreacted, I think a man should have the right to defend his home and property. If five drunk kids come on your property threatening your family, I don't think you should have to wait for them to start kicking doors in to do something. In Texas you wouldn't. I don't think using the "N" word justifies a violent response, but this did seem to go beyond that.

    Ironically, liberals will be bitterly complaining about the injustice of it all when they are the ones who create a legal minefield for anyone who uses a gun to protect their home.
  8. This is local news.

    Everybody talking about it white or black agree the man over reacted. He should have went in the house with his family and called the cops. THEN if the kids tried to get in the house he would be well within his rights to let a few slip.

    FYI, Suffolk courts and law enforcement normally applaud a persons right to defend themselves. The county is pretty conservative.

    This guy was simply trigger happy...a real shame for both families.
  9. The kids had parked their cars in the driveway and were standing by their cars yelling insults and threats. Nobody called the cops. Instead, White Sr. and White Jr. both armed themselves, opened the front door, and went out to confront the 5 boys. White Sr. shot the 'ringleader' ( 17 yrs ) in the face, killing him. One of the 5 boys was armed with a baseball bat but made no attempt to use it.

    Surely, White had the right to 'do something' but these kids were just trespassing and shouting threats and insults. There was no indication they were going to storm the house and even if they had John and Aaron White had the teens outgunned completely.

    This was just misplaced Ghetto justice and bad judgement all 'round. Those 5 kids should have known better than to mess with White but nobody deserved to die.
  10. I tend to agree, but I also don't have a lot of sympathy for a mob that trespasses on your land and stands around shouting threats and waving baseball bats. The homeowner had no way of knowing how they were armed or what they planned to do.

    Where's Al Sharpton in all this? To me this guy is far more sympathetic than those Jena 6 thugs.
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